Marco Torre, is a Portuguese photographer, that happen to have the chance to learn and work internationally, in different contexts and countries.
He is passionate and committed to his work, motivated by continuous improvement and always looking for new ways of capturing the world, as he sees it.
He is exclusively dedicated to photography for the last 12 years, with experiences raging from events to advertising, happenings to corporate, from portraits to photo report.
However, despite all experiences, is in wedding photography that Marco finds personal fulfillment. He considers himself a “stories’ teller” and weddings are perfect occasions to go beyond the moment and the experience of the day, to capture the true essence of people and their love, and tell a unique story.
Therefore, one can say that Marco goes “beyond photography”, as he likes to connect to people, not only to a specific moment or event, providing much more than a service. There is only one way for him to photograph, and that is to be deeply involved and engaged in each work, interacting with people, but letting them feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the moment.
Marco Torre is the kind of photographer that selects the number of “clicks” he makes, not capturing everything but focusing in what is truly relevant, moving away from the trivial, Marco always looks for singularity in everything he does

My perspective of the world translated into my work

The world is far too big and too diverse to have only one way to see it or to capture it.
I like to bring this wider perspective to my work. There aren’t two photos alike, as there aren’t two people alike or two events alike.
Each situation I face, each moment I try to capture, have exclusive emotions and feelings behind them, and is this uniqueness that I want to transpose to my work.
My challenge is to keep a clean and clear perspective of the world and the people, to be able to keep my photos unique and singular.
I’m a quiet observer of what surrounds me. Light, sound, shade, lines, smells, colors, moves, smiles… One single click is enough to hold them forever in a photo and in  the memory of the ones that shared that moment.
I don’t like to rush, or rush the ones around me. I respect people and their time, their needs and their individuality. I try to always fulfill people’s expectations, as long as it doesn’t compromise the quality of my work and the end result I promise to deliver.

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